Personalized Bookkeeping: Building Good Habits through Knowledge-infused Learning

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I delivered an invited lecture on ``Personalized Bookkeeping through KnowledgeInfusedLearning (KiL)’’ at TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology. It was a wonderful experience interacting with the students and people in Fintech. The talk serves as a Tutorial on an exciting new application of KiL in building a Personalized Coach for Bookkeeping.

I thank Tarmo Koppel for inviting me and Sudipto Mahindar for helping me answer a series of exciting questions. Seriously, it was a very long session and I am amazed to see the enthusiasm in this topic.

I want give a shout out to David Newman for delivering a easy-to-follow presentation at The Knowledge Graph Conference that served as a starting point for our work.

AIISC Remote Student Intern Renjith Prasad is another contributor to the project.