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  • Organizer of International Workshop on Knowledge-infused Mining and Learning at 26th ACM KDD
  • PC Member for ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
  • PC Member for Semantic Machine Learning Workshop at ICSC
  • PC Member for ACM Web Science
  • PC Member for Demonstration Track at The Web Conference
  • PC Member for AAAI ICWSM
  • Data Science Mentor MentorCruise
  • Technical PC Member for IEEE International Congress on Big Data, Milan, Italy
  • Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy System
  • PC Member of Demo Track at 30th World Wide Web Conference San Francisco, USA
  • PC Member of 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Information Technologies, Chennai, India
  • Reviewer in IEEE Big Data, WWW, ACM-SIGAPP symposium
  • Reviewer in Inderscience Journal and Elsevier Journal: Information Processing and Management
  • Reviewer in IEEE big data, EKAW
  • Student Member: Institute for Computer Science, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering
  • Member of Internet Society
  • Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
  • Student Organizing Committee, Institute of Engineers-UK India Chapter