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I had the opportunity and priviledge to advise and mentor some of best students aspiring to become data scientists. Feel free to reach out to them and know about their exciting data science projects having high social impact.


Amanuel Alambo


Vedant Khandelwal

Vedant Khandelwal is a senior undergraduate in computer science and engineering from the IIIT Naya Raipur. He is currently a research intern at the AI Institute, UofSC working on analyzing user behaviors in Radicalization, Mental Health Disorders, Drug Abuse on Social Media using Knowledge graphs. His research interests include Knowledge infused learning, Semantic Web of things, NLP.

Vishal Pallagani

Vishal Pallagani is a senior undergraduate majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at the IIIT Naya Raipur. He is a visiting researcher at the AI Institute, University of South Carolina. He is interested in the fields of Natural Language Processing and the Internet of Things and developing application/analysis in the medical domain. At the AI Institute, he has been working on building a question answering system for the medical domain and in addition to it, I have also contributed to theĀ Gender-Based ViolenceĀ  analysis of tweets collected for COVID19 analysis.

Vamsi Aribandi

Vamsi is a CS undergrad at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. His research interests lie broadly in Natural Language Processing and Knowledge-infused Learning. Previously, he was an intern at the AI Institute from June to December 2019. After graduating in 2020, he will join Google as an AI resident in Mountain View, California. Good Luck Vamsi!! He also maintains a technical blog. Presentation

Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma is a final year computer science undergraduate at the LNM Insitute of Information Technology, India. His research interests are Text Mining, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, and Natural Language Processing. His current research project focuses on identifying psychological and knowledge-driven signals that would associate mental health support seeker and giver on Reddit. In the past, he worked on the adaptive News Feeds project involving user feedback. Presentation

High School

Parth Asawa Congratulations Parth!!: paper accepted at AAAI 2020 Fall Symposium with remarkable reviews.

Project: COVID-19 Spain and India: Comparing Policy Implications by Analyzing Epidemiological and Social Media Data.

An Introductory Video on the progress of Parth.

Anim-Addo Emmanuel

Project: Document Extractive Summarization using BERT Anim presented a Poster at UofSC Symposium on Advancing Diversity in Aging Research.