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We are thrilled to share that “Development of an Instrumented, Intelligent Infant Interaction Laboratory for the Prediction of Autism Spectrum Disorder” is funded. This is an exciting collaboration between the Early Social Development and Intervention Lab in the Institute for Mind and Brain (PI Jessica Bradshaw) and AIISC (PI Amit Sheth). For now, it is a pilot project, but it does involve patient evaluations - if the results are good, we will go after larger funding. Also exciting is that our postdoc Ugur Kursuncu is explicitly noted as a co-Investigator, and our PhD student Manas Gaur is also named in the proposal as technical contributor. Cheers!

About the project: Determine the feasibility of utilizing wearable sensors to automate the acquisition of infant behavior during infant interactions, including (i) synchronization of streams of heterogeneous signals (e.g., electrocardiogram (ECG) and gaze behavior); and (ii) storage and visualization of signals at various temporal resolutions utilizing a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based web application.